Since 1974

HEARN has owned and operated institutional quality commercial real estate throughout the United States for over 40 years. HEARN manages its own investments and partners with others, always with one clear objective: adding value. Whether repositioning an underperforming investment or enhancing a core asset, HEARN has built a national reputation as a passionate, hardworking
owner and manager dedicated to improving efficiency and maximizing profitability.

HEARN features an executive team that has worked together for over 30 years, advancing our core principles while creating a strong and consistent platform that drives its culture and defines its success.

Acquisitions & Investment

After identifying an acquisition opportunity, HEARN’s due diligence team immediately begins the research necessary to formulate underwriting
assumptions, assess the property’s market value and develop an executable business plan.

By engaging all facets of due diligence up front, HEARN ensures an efficient and effective acquisition process. Throughout its history, HEARN has never failed to close an executed purchase contract.


Building Success

An enthusiastic and committed property management team is vital to achieving the full potential of investment real estate. Decades of managing its own portfolio of office-sector assets enables our managers to maximize value through a comprehensive, hands-on approach.

HEARN is dedicated to providing responsive, thoughtful, personalized attention to tenant oriented detail. HEARN gets it…

HEARN’s managers implement annual budgets in extensive detail, boosting cash flow and building success.

With the support of in-house accounting, construction and leasing departments, managers have the ability to direct all aspects of the building’s performance. 


HEARN’s supervisory leasing team has decades of successful leasing experience, which includes thousands of new and renewal transactions coast to coast. Without ties to a national leasing
company, HEARN has the flexibility to engage the outside agency team best-suited to a specific asset.

HEARN provides its agents with all the tools necessary to ensure success and expects each leasing program to outperform the competitive set in their markets as they grow nationwide.

Construction & Redevelopment

HEARN Construction is a licensed general contractor and construction manager with LEED accredited professionals on staff. Since 1984, HEARN Construction has built out millions of square feet of office and retail space across the country earning a reputation for delivering high-quality office suites on time and on budget.

HEARN Construction is committed to doing its part to increase awareness of the LEED initiative and utilize materials and products that will keep HEARN at the forefront of this environmentally significant movement.


HEARN has the experience to identify, understand and navigate the challenges property owners face in today’s environment.

Clients turn to HEARN based on its reputation as a knowledgeable and forward-thinking investor, and rely on HEARN for expertise in management, leasing and construction. HEARN has consulted for major banks and insurance companies as well as privately held entrepreneurial firms, always providing candid and comprehensive reports and opinions.

In The Community

HEARN is proud to support the following organizations and is deeply committed to making our community a better, safer and more productive place to live and work.